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BF' Boucané Restaurant club

BF' Boucane Traditional type restaurant manufacturing and sale of meals on site and vacuum-packed takeaway of processed dishes sale of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

BF' Boucané Resto for barbecue enthusiasts, the restaurant offers perfectly smoked dishes, made from quality meats and tasty marinades.

BF' Boucané Resto offers theme evenings which are also organized regularly, offering a festive and friendly atmosphere to your clubs.


BF' Boucané Resto for special events, the restaurant offers a catering service with a personalized menu according to the needs and preferences of customers of the BMX Guadeloupe network.

On the program, a live performance with the group “La bande a Kissoune” and Gwoka entertainment.

Here is an overview of the menu:

  • Aperitif and starter :

  • Didiko glass

  • Giraumon vermicelli with salting

  • Fruity rawness

  • Main course :

  • Smoked stuffed drumstick with conch

  • Smoked pork leg

  • Smoked lamb

  • Smoked chicken leg with coarse syrup

  • Smoked fish

  • Accompaniments :

  • Smoked rice

  • Smoked breadfruit

  • Smoked sweet potato

The price is €25 in advance and €30 on site .

The event takes place at BF' BOUKANE , Section David, Chemin de la Balance, 97139 Les Abymes.


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